It Starts Today…

A goal without action is just a wish. The best time to start taking action is now. Most goals fail simply because no action is ever taken on them. Instead, we should start by taking small steps to achieve them. For example, only a few boxing matches are won with an early round knockout. The majority of them are won by utilizing quick jabs that compound over time and tire out the opponent. Once the opponent is tired, a late round knockout win can happen. Similar to boxing, you can still take a few punches in your journey to complete your goals and still achieve them. Sometimes you have to take a step back to go two steps forward. Failing is never a failure unless you accepted. Every successful individual has experienced failure, but what makes them different is that they learned from it and went back at it instead of quitting.

Completing goals is all about discipline. Constant action and desire are what it takes to achieve these massive goals. One thing I’ve learned is that there is never a better time to start than the present. We all need to attack each day with the mindset that we’re better today than we were yesterday, and we’ll be better tomorrow than we are today. Each day should be treated as a new day. Yesterday doesn’t impact today and today doesn’t impact tomorrow. Our time is what we make of it and it’s up to us to decide how we utilize it. We all have the same 24 hours and how we allocate that time makes the biggest impact on our success. There is a difference in busy and effective. We should never strive to be busy. We can be busy and get nothing done, but if we’re effective with our time we can max out our potential.

My biggest fear is not reaching the absolute pinnacle of my potential. I’m always in the shadow of my best self. This keeps me hungry for developing into that person. We can never touch shadows, but we can get close to them. This is exactly like our potential. We can always do better in everything we do. This is my exact mindset and it always keeps me striving to reach my potential. Jim Rohn once said that “Your level of success will seldom exceed your level of personal development.” This is my favorite quote and to me, it reinforces my theory of Shadow Potential. As long as we keep improving our success improves with it.