Busy or Effective?

Productivity is crucial to being successful. Time and task management are typically the hardest parts for most people. One thing, I’ve found to be incredibly useful is Andy Frisella’s Power List that he discussed on his podcast. The Power List is essentially a list of the 3-5 most critical tasks that need to be accomplished for the day. It helps build momentum to keep you on the winning path. I usually write these tasks out on a whiteboard before I go to bed. I also utilize the calendar app in my phone to schedule out everything in my day to help keep me accountable.

To plan out my day, I take advantage of a time blocking schedule. Many successful people such as Oprah Winfrey and Elon Musk use similar schedules. This type of planning really helps with setting time limits on all the things I do in a day. Recently, I listened to a podcast by Ed Mylett that really broke down why a Power List and Time Block Schedule is key. As you progress, you’ll find techniques and methods that work best for your lifestyle.

It’s also important that we reflect on our day. In order to continue to be successful, we must adapt. This means that we have to keep improving the processes we use. Periodically, I look back on my life and look for weaknesses in my lifestyle. This really helps me to gather perspective. By utilizing my Power List and Time Block Schedule, it keeps me effective but not always busy. This is a definite advantage because I still have a ton of time even after I get all the important things done. This time can be spent however I choose. Somedays I use it to continue progressing and other times I use it to relax. I’ve also found that these methods are very effective at limiting burnout. By implementing time and task management strategies into our lives, we will further our success!