A Lesson from Ed

Ever since I was old enough to walk, my Grandpa Ed made sure I would know how to give a proper handshake. He personally took responsibility for making sure I knew how to give a good first impression. He taught me that there is more to a handshake than just a hand clasp, it’s a sign of trust. He taught me to the minutest of details. Whether it be eye contact, a firm grip, or being kind, he taught me about it. He wasn’t the type of person to lecture you. He believed in learning by experience. Everything he did had a lesson. At the end of each experience, he would always ask what you learned. Every time anybody saw him, they could expect a handshake on the way in and on the way out. He was a people person and could talk your ear off on about any topic under the sun. He taught me about showing passion. Being able to display you’re passionate about something makes you seem genuine. Nobody is better at what they do than the person who is passionate about it. When that happens, it feels like no work and all play. Passion is one of the easiest things to spot. 

He was a farmer for all the time I knew him. He did honest work and his values displayed that. He spent his entire life building his reputation. Maybe I’m biased, but I’ve never met somebody who was more well respected than my Grandpa Ed. He lived a life of giving. He always asked, “What do you need?” or “What can I do for you?” You could feel his sincerity in his words. He genuinely wanted to help others. When it comes down to it, first impressions come very easy if you simply live the lifestyle you display and care about others.