A Day in The Life

Having a daily routine is one of the things that has allowed me to become the successful person I am. I try to keep myself accountable and execute my plan daily. This a loose schedule, but it gives you a picture of most of my days. Some of my basic tasks for the day are to read 50 pages, write 1 blog post, and meet 3 new people. These small tasks set me up to absolutely crush my bigger tasks.

6:00 am – Wake Up, Make My Bed and Get Ready for the Day!

                  The first task I complete every day is making my bed. Building that momentum from the second you get out of bed is crucial. I typically wake up about 5 minutes before my alarm because of my circadian rhythm.

6:15 am – Make Coffee and Read a Business/Personal Development Book or Listen to a Podcast

                  This is where I can mentally prepare for the day. Getting your mind right helps you take on the day and accomplish all your tasks. I try to apply the information I absorbed from reading or listening in my day. This helps the information to stick and become part of my lifestyle.

7:00 am – Work on My Blog Post for the Day

                  This blog is a great way for me to organize information and share thoughts!

7:30 am – Prep Work for Classes

                  I mostly organize my notes, check grade and future mistakes. Planning ahead is key!

8:00 am – Start Classes

2:00 pm – Finish Classes

                  The time after I finish classes is typically reserved for the “me” part of the day. I use this to hang out with friends, talk to family, or if I feel like progressing even further, I’ll set up a meeting with somebody.

5:00 pm – Club Meetings

                  At UNI I’ve joined 3 groups and plan on only getting more involved!

6:30 pm – Start Workout

7:45 pm – End Workout

                  Working out and eating right are huge parts of my lifestyle. Maintaining a solid Mind-Body Connection at all times helps me be the best version of myself and excel at peak performance.

8:00 pm – Shower and Get Ready for my Evening

                  In this part of my day, I mentally wind down. I reflect on my day and look for what I did well in and what points I need to improve in.

8:30 pm – Study

                  Gotta keep those grades up!

9:30 pm – Plan the Next Day

                  Like I said earlier, planning ahead is key! Having schedules and routines keep me accountable. If I stick to the path it will lead me straight to success!

10:00 pm – Read…Again

                  Self-education has been key to my success. I learn

11:00 pm – Go to Sleep

                  Time to catch those Z’s! I average around 6.5-7 hours a night. This amount is the optimal amount for me to get the most out of my day and feel well rested.