Origins of an Entrepreneur

Throughout my childhood, I was always very entrepreneurial. I did everything from selling and trading baseball cards to starting my own beekeeping business. Most of these failed because of a lack of dedication and attention. The one venture that impacted me the most was the Young Entrepreneurs Program put on at the middle school during the after-school hours. My two business partners and I worked together and delivered a stellar product. Payton was the creative, Jon was the numbers guy, and I led the operation. We each had a unique aspect we brought to the business and clearly stated our equity positions in our contract. What made us successful was the commitment to attending all the meetings, sales opportunities, and our ability to leverage relationships. We made dry ingredient cookie jars. Essentially, we took mason jars and filled them with all the premeasured dry ingredients for the recipe. Included in our product was a recipe and directions. We decorated the jar and made a label. We sold each jar at $8. Our business had impeccable margins because of our ability to leverage our connections to get the ingredients and supplies and almost no cost (we were also pretty cute salesmen). After a couple of 2-hour events, we were sold out! To put it into context of how successful we were, we profited over $400 while every other group hardly broke $10. I wouldn’t be surprised if we still hold the record to this day! At 11 years old, we thought were rich! I’ve been an entrepreneur at my heart all my life. I’ve always analyzed my surrounding to search for potential opportunities. My brain has always been wired as an entrepreneur. It’s amazing to be able to look back at the past and see a piece of your future self!