Doing the Little Things

Creating a habit of doing the little things right creates a mindset that solves problems and does things the right way. If you can’t do the little things right, there is no way you can do the big things it takes to be massively successful. Make it a habit to pick up pieces of trash on the ground, open doors for people, put away stray shopping carts and other things like that. Holding yourself to a higher standard than the rest is what differentiated you from others. Holding yourself to this high standard across all aspects of your life will no doubt make you successful. You need to become uncommon. You should be doing the little things right subconsciously. If you aren’t you need to develop that habit. We live in a time where common sense has become uncommon. Most people aren’t taught the basics. It isn’t their fault they don’t know it. You can’t know what you don’t know. Due to this, it’s the responsibility of those who do know that need to teach them. By helping others, you not only make them better, but you make yourself better. By focusing on the value, you provide to others, I can guarantee you will be well rewarded. You need to train yourself to go against the population and do what you believe is right. All I can ask of people is to make decisions based on their own morals. I may not always agree with it, but I always respect it. It is the obligation of those with common sense to educate. Common sense is a gift and if you don’t use it to help others it is simply a waste. From now on, focus on doing the most. Focus on giving the minutest task your best effort and doing it right. I promise if you make a habit of this, you will be more successful than you ever would have dreamed!