Acknowledging the Negatives and Focusing on the Positives

Being a visionary definitely has its drawbacks in the planning stage. My biggest shortcoming in planning comes from failing to analyzing the negatives and the things that could go wrong. I get so focused on the positives that I fail to acknowledge the negatives. There are two people in my life who have helped me improve tremendously in this aspect. My mom and Kristi Ray are two of the biggest realists I know. Their viewpoints are invaluable to me because they allow me to see the entire picture. They both have made my planning skills more complete. The saying, “By failing to plan you are planning to fail”, is so applicable to me. I remind myself that whenever I do something, I must have a complete plan. I have to make a conscious effort to analyze drawbacks. Both of them taught me that it is important to acknowledge negatives, but not to dwell on them. I used to think that even acknowledging negatives was the same as dwelling on them. In order to have a successful plan, you have to acknowledge the negatives and focus on the positives. Make a plan, get started and execute!