Taking Responsibility

Tell me your situation and I’ll show you someone who overcame it. There is no such thing as an acceptable excuse. You have to take complete control of your life by taking responsibility for yourself and your surroundings.Your responses are a choice. Once you take complete responsibility, you began to realize that every aspect of your life is actually under your control. Life is like a car and you’re in the driver’s seat. Make everything your responsibility. Take control and live life under your terms.

No matter how much you may tell yourself, you are not special or unique. You can cry and complain all you want, but at the end of the day your problems are still your problems. The solution for these problems is rooted in responsibility. Once you take responsibility, I can guarantee you’ll find a solution, or you realize that your “problem” wasn’t actually a problem in the first place. You dictate your reaction to everything that happens to you in life. Focus on the consequences of your actions and reactions. Your actions influence other people’s reactions. Don’t let other actions and reactions influence you. If you can master that skill, you can influence anyone and your success.

Challenge:Take responsibility for everything today. Take control of your life and steer yourself to success!