Wired for Mediocrity/The Daily Obligation

Humans have a natural desire to be mediocre. We’re wired to survive. The moment we have enough, we become comfortable. If you truly want to be successful, you have to rewire your brain to dominate instead of surviving. In one of Andy Frisella’s podcasts, he talked about how the majority people settle for the lowest life that doesn’t provide embarrassment. Anything below the societal average is seen as embarrassing. People naturally want to be average. No one likes to stick out and be an outlier. Subconsciously, we work hard to reach a societal homeostasis. The moment you stop focusing on growth, we start to get pulled back to average. I’ve trained my mind to allow me to stick out. You have to crave the differentiation. I want to be exceptional. I want to be uncommon amongst the uncommon. I want to dominate and be the absolute best. That’s the mindset you have to have to be successful. I legitimately fear mediocrity. This puts a fire under me that push me to be the best version of me possible. I feel a literal pressure to succeed. If I don’t excel, I fail.

I have an obligation to succeed. If I don’t meet this obligation, then I’m doing a disservice to myself and everyone else. It’s a tough mindset, but it’s essential to be the best. This isn’t an obligation I have to just fill in my lifetime, it’s a daily obligation. Every day you have to fulfill it. If you fulfill it every day for seven days, you’ve done it for a week. If you do it every week for 52 weeks, you’ve done it for a year. If you do it every year for a lifetime, you’ve fulfilled your obligation. Sometimes when it gets tough, you have to remind yourself that you need fulfill your obligation for that minute or hour. You have to build the momentum. Eventually, your focus shifts from how can I fulfill my obligation to how can I not break the streak? That streak has to mean everything to you.

A successful minute can lead to a successful lifetime. Imagine you’re building a snowball. At first it takes effort to form that little ball of snow. After a bit of pushing it around, it gets bigger. Then you approach a hill and push it down. Your little snowball has grown exponentially! Another example comes from Gary Keller and Jay Papasan’s The ONE THING. Life is like a line of dominos. Each domino can tip over another domino that is 50% bigger than the last. The measly little domino eventually can topple a domino of infinite size. Utilize your goals like dominos. Each goal completed is domino in a line and sets you up to complete a bigger goal. 

Challenge:Don’t Settle! Focus on what you can do right now to be successful. Make it your objective to do this daily. Eventually, you’ll be more successful than you ever would have believed!