Just Do It

There is a lot of power in Nike’s slogan, “Just Do It”. All greatness is created by action. Nike is all about the success of the everyday person. They support the idea that everyone is an athlete. If you have a body, you’re an athlete. Similarly, everyone can be successful as long as they make the action to be so. If you never start, you’ll never get to your destination. Lao Tzu’s quote, “The journey of a thousand miles starts with one step”, is very applicable here. Any action at all is better than no action. If you feel stuck or burnt out, start to build the momentum simply by doing something to work towards your goal. Eventually, you’ll find your groove and things will fall into place. Being able to something says a lot about your mental fortitude. If you’re not will to do something when the going gets tough, then you’re not willing to be successful. You have to truly want it. I have a drive that comes from within that pushes me to be better and work even when I don’t want to. Keeping yourself accountable to consistently put in the work is the key. No one else is going to put in the work for you. It’s essential that you make progress; your future depends on it.

Challenge: Make progress on something you’ve been putting off. We typically ignore the things that bother us the most. By pretending it isn’t there doesn’t help your situation. Examine your problem, make a plan and execute!