Smell the Roses as You Go

This past weekend, I had a long conversation about why I don’t “stop to smell the roses”. In my perspective, I shouldn’t have to stop to smell them because I love everything about my life. I’m surrounded by roses. I get fulfillment out of my everyday life. The smell is just as sweet walking by as it is pressed against my nose. The reason most people have to stop to smell the roses is that those sweet things are rare in their life. I’m surrounded by sweet things. On most people’s paths, there is only a few roses that are placed few and far between. I’m always walking through a rose garden! It’s all about how you view your life. If you believe and have faith that you will be walking through a rose garden every day, you will find yourself surrounded by the sweetest things in life. If you take on the mindset that these occurrences are rare, then you set yourself up to only get a few sweet moments. Maybe I’m just crazy and looking at life through a rose-colored pair of lenses. Either way, I’m happy with my life and will continue to live this way.

I’m constantly told that I need to just take a day off and relax. The problem with that is that it makes me unhappy and anxious. I’m only happy when I’m operating at 100% and maxing out everything I’m doing. I hold myself to a higher standard. I’ve built a reputation with myself that has translated into self-confidence. I refuse to let myself down. Letting myself down leads to a downward sloping spiral. If you let yourself go once, you’ll do it again. I respect myself too much to do that. I do take “days off”, but they are filled with reading, exercise, and other learning. I use these days to refuel myself and truly pay attention to what my body and mind need. 

Challenge: Spend today looking for all the good in your life and do what makes you happy!