Success: A Definition

Apparently, success is a word that is often associated with money. Society has ingrained that into you. Society also doesn’t want you to be successful, because that makes you different. People are afraid of being different because we’ve all been taught that we should conform to the masses. I’m taking personal responsibility for this and taking control of my life. You should too. Society will not have control or influence over me. Nowadays, success is almost taboo. It makes you different and society hates different. I really dislike when someone tells me I only want to be successful for the money. Money is great, but it isn’t the whole thing. I work on being the best at everything in my life. I want to be successful because the pursuit of it makes me happy. The fact of the matter is that I’ll never consider myself truly a success. If I did that, I would stop pursuing it and that would in turn make me stop being happy.

 Success has a very unique personal definition that is based on each individual. To me, success is defined as reaching your absolute potential in all areas of your life. To chase success, you must find your definition. There are many facets of life. You may not be successful in all areas, but in order to be truly successful, you must master all areas of your life. This is not an easy task. You constantly have to work on all of them. Sustained life balance is only achieved through continually effort. Once you stop making the effort, your life starts to go out of balance. To me, success is something you can chase, but never really achieve. But, it in that pursuit where you truly find success and happiness. This is a very profound but confusing idea. Once you understand it, you can truly be successful.