Monday to Monday

I don’t look at days by their name, I look at them by the date for planning purposes. Every day is either the past, present or the future. When days are labeled with names, they tend to make your week go through a cycle. The cycle looks like this:

Sunday- Completely Unproductive

Monday- Mostly Unproductive

Tuesday- Sort of Productive

Wednesday- Productive

Thursday- Sort of Productive

Friday- Mostly Unproductive

Saturday- Completely Unproductive

When I plan things, I use dates because it is precise and removes me from thinking in terms of the weekly cycle. To be completely honest with you, I rarely know what day of the week it is, but I always know the date. This form of daily organization has allowed me to view each day as a new opportunity rather than another day of the week. Instead of having 1 productive day a week, I get 7. I treat each day as a new opportunity and do everything in my power to capitalize on it. This mindset helps me stick to my daily routine because every day is the same besides the differences in meetings and happenings. My anxiety has fell through the floor and my focus and productivity have flew through the roof. I can’t guarantee this will work for everyone but adapting your routine and schedule to your needs is important to becoming the best version of yourself. By having the same outlook on my days, it brings consistency into my life. 

Challenge:Create a daily routine. If you already have one, find 3 ways to make it even better!