Momentum Tasks

Starting your day off on the right foot can give you the control and power you need to conquer the day. Every day, your dues must be paid! It’s important to have a certain set of tasks that you must accomplish on a daily basis. For me these include: working on my personal brand, reading, exercising, and making new connections. If I do all these things in my day, it’s a win! You have to frame these tasks as something you can’t go to bed without doing. For me, these are momentum tasks. They insure that I am in the mindset to crush each and every task throughout the day. These tasks are the initial dominos (one of my favorite analogies) in my day. Each domino can knock over another domino that is 50% larger than the last. By doing the small tasks first, I can more easily knock down the larger tasks. It’s critical that you find these tasks for yourself.  They really do give you the power to control your day and accomplish anything you set your mind to. They give me a sense of balance and structure. I like predictability and control. This part of my day gives me exactly that. 

You may be telling yourself that you don’t time to do all these things. The truth is that you refuse to make time and your priorities are off. You’re accepting mediocrity. I don’t know how anyone could refuse to do something they know is in their best interest. You really have to not care about your wellbeing to keep doing the bad habits and the other things that aren’t good for you. For me, once you start doing the things to make yourself better and you start seeing growth it becomes so easy to keep doing it. I’ve become addicted to success and have developed a fear of mediocrity.

Challenge: Establish a routine and find the daily tasks you can do that can ensure each day is a win.