Book Review: Think and Grow Rich

Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill was first released in 1937 and has been a mainstay in the success space since its inception. This book is the holy book for people trying to become more successful. By reading and rereading this book, I’ve come to learn about the secret to success. I won’t give up this secret, but if you want to find it, you’ll have to read the book. The book has everything from stories to chunks of wisdom that have stood the test of time. The writing itself may be a bit dated, but the information is truly universal. This is a book that you want to take your time on. Read each sentence over and over again until you understand it. Once you read the book, make sure to reread it. Every time you read it, you’ll find things you missed, or you’ll understand something better. The three main principles in this book are Purpose, Persistence and Desire. These three words allow me to conquer any goal I have. 

One of the biggest topics in the book is the Law of Attraction. This is the principle that whatever you focus on can become your reality as long as you have the right desire and take the action to fulfill that desire. In my experience, once I tap into the desire, it’s like hitting a bottomless pocket of oil. The thing you initially desired flows at a rate to where you can become overwhelmed with how well it works. The wealth of your desire seems to make you question where it was hiding all your life. This stuff may sound crazy at first but give it a try and I promise you won’t be disappointed. This book taught me how to truly turn my wants into reality. It taught me how to set goals, make a plan and reap the rewards. In addition to reading this book, you need to watch The Secret. This will allow you to see the real power of the Law of Attraction.

Once you understand the book, it just kind of clicks. You begin to see the secret everywhere. Your entire world changes. Everything in life just starts to make sense and I can see things in more vivid detail. Like a I said earlier, it sounds crazy, but just give it a read. This book has changed my life!