3 Methods for Increasing Your Impact Right Now

Find Your Purpose

You have to know where you are and where you are going before you can give directions. Finding your purpose is typically one of the toughest things in life. When finding your purpose, it may seem like your going through a crisis, but just know you’ll be better for experiencing it. Sometimes you really do have to move backwards to move forward.

Live Your Purpose

Once you find your purpose, you have to become OBSESSED with fulfilling it! Every day is a new opportunity to live out your purpose. Do the things on a daily basis that will get you closer to your goals. Every action you do should be purpose driven. You become an advocate for your purpose. It is your OBLIGATION to see your purpose become a success.

Genuinely Care

People can tell very quickly if you’re fake. You have to want to see others win just as much as you want to see yourself succeed. Caring is what makes individuals real. If they actually care about their purpose, they’ll care about everything around them. The more you care about others, the more they’ll care about you.