Accountability Partners

The people closest to me understand my goals and ambitions. They push me forward on my relentless pursuit for success. These people care about me so much, that they’ll give me the tough love required to keep me on the right path. Who are these people in your life? I have several. You must make your environment condusive to success. By being around successful people, you yourself well strive to be like them. Every single one of my accountability partners has something or multiple things I admire about them. Nothing puts me back in the chase of success faster than someone calling me out or encouraging me. These people are what I call real friends. They shoot it to you straight and they do it out of love. Accountability partners have to wear multiple hats. Sometimes they have to be a drill sergeant and sometimes they have to be a therapist. They know when to motivate you and they know when to concillate you. No matter the situation, they only want to see you succeed. The path to success is one that is never traveled alone. Nobody is every truly “self-made”. Having a support network is crucial to achieveing your goals.

I established my accountability partners by finding people who had similar aspirations as I do. From there, we all talked about our goals and what we need to do to achieve them. We check in with each other multiple times every day. Having that person over your shoulder makes staying ontop of your goals so much easier. If I don’t achieve what I said I was, I’m disapointed in myself, but they also share the disapointment. They’re not disapointed in me, they’re disapointed in themselves that they didn’t do their job well enough for me to reach success. That’s the level of responsibility that all accountability partners need to have. With my accountability partners, it’s just as important to see them succeed as it is for me to succeed. Everyone had everyone’s best interests in mind. I’m successful if they’re successful. It’s definitely a give and you shall recieve type of relationship.

Challenge: Set up your support network. Find the people around you that truly want to see you succeed. Share your goals and your plans to achieve them.