The Power of Fear

A little over a month ago, three of my best friends and I were having a really deep late-night conversation. As we went around the circle, we spilt our deepest fears. These fears varied from very specific to the very profound. As it got to my turn, I really had to dig deep to find what truly scares me. After a few minutes of beating around the bush, it hit me. My biggest fear is failing to reach my true potential. Not being the best version of myself is something that really frightens me. I don’t want to leave any chips on the table. Every chip left on the table is a missed opportunity or a regret. Every time I leave a chip on the table, I get disappointed in myself, but I work even harder to take it back. I don’t fear failure, I fear not being a success. If I don’t become successful, it’s not the personal failure that bothers me, it’s all the impact potential I have that will have gone to waste. Tom Hank’s character in Saving Private Ryan, Captain Miller, talked about how he dealt with the loss of his men. He viewed each of his men’s death as people they saved because of the soldiers sacrifice. I view myself in the shoes of his men. I feel like I’m constantly sacrificing myself for the betterment of others and I love it! Each sacrifice I make is for the greater good. Every time I push myself to be better, its so I can make a positive impact on the lives of others. I do this because I care about others so much. If I don’t reach my true potential, I would be doing a disservice to everyone. I have so much potential and things to offer. It would be a shame if I didn’t utilize my skills for the absolute maximum positive impact . The amount of direct impact I’ll have will be huge, but the scale of the indirect impact will be unfathomable.

If used properly, fear can be a driving force. My fear of not reaching my potential is most definitely a driving factor in my life. If you fear regret, you’ll do everything possible to not regret whatever it may be. Fear and insticts are primal. Our instincts drive us away from our fears without us even having to make an active effort. We subconsiously avoid our fears. What we fear most is typically the polar opposite of what we truly want. When I talk about fears, I’m not talking about fearing heights or sharks. I’m talking about the profound fears. These are the fears that can define what we really want in life.

Challenge: Identify your fears and use them to find what you want in life.