Win Streaks

Charlie “Rocket” Jabaley has one of the most interesting and inspiring life story. Recently, I listened to an episode of his podcast, Charlie Rocket Show, that gave me an incredible tool that I have been consistently using. This tool helps me focus on positive thinking and gratitude. He talked about winning streaks. If you look for the small wins in life, your life is amazing! Everyday, I get to wake up, have an amazing cup of coffee, put on nice clothes, go to an amazing university, and work with outstanding individuals. Those are all wins! Everything can be reframed into an win. For example, you may sometimes oversleep, but you got some quality rest. That’s a win! The biggest set backs turn into the biggest come backs. He gave a very profound example. When we go in to a slump or through some hard times, you have to view it as a sling shot. When the going gets tough, thats the slings shot being pulled back. Charlie talked about how he went through a big depression. That depression was the slingshot being pulled back. The slumps and depressions are just the preparation for the wins. All that energy you saved up in that slump is finally released into good energy. All the negative energy is transfered into positive energy when the sling shot is released. That’s when the wins come.

You have to look for the wins! If you don’t look for them, they’ll never be there. Since listening to that episode, I’ve started to write down 10 wins at the end of every day. This is both a gratitude exercise and a postive thinking exercise. Wins can be as small as hitting a green light or it can be as big as closing a multi-million dollar deal. Everything in life can be a win! No matter your situation, I can gaurentee you have things to be thankful and grateful for. These wins will compound on each other. Every small win will add to the last. Before your know it, your wins are huge! Everything in my life is falling into place. To quote Charlie Rocket, “I’M ON A WINNING STREAK!!!”

Challenge: Reframe your mind for positive thinking.