How I Spent My Spring Break (It Wasn’t On A Beach)

Like most college students, my spring break took hours of planning and had to be done weeks in advance. Last Friday, when the majority of my classmates were heading to the airport to fly to their destination, I was headed home. To most college students, this may seem like the worst-case scenario. For me, this was all according to plan. Although I spent my spring break at home, I can guarantee you I made more memories, experienced more things, and learned more than any other student on campus. As most of you know, I’m not your typical 19-year-old. I like reading, listening to podcasts, working out, networking, and just about everything else related to business and personal development. Due to this, I try to treat every day as business as usual. My spring break consisted of three major projects and spending time being present with my family. 

Project One

I kicked off my week with a presentation at Mount Pleasant Community High School. JD Klopfenstein and I discussed college readiness, career development, and overall professionalism. Speaking to teenagers is difficult. Even though both JD and I are young and recent graduates of MPCSD, there was definitely a relatability gap. JD and I both graduated in May of 2018, except he graduated from The University of Iowa with his bachelor’s degree in finance and I graduated high school. At this time last year, I was walking the same halls as the students! We didn’t go back to teach the students. We went back to share our experiences. Hopefully, we impacted a few students!

Project Two

During my spring break, I dedicated a lot of time to my upcoming Personal Brand Development Webinar. This is my first webinar, so it really is a new experience. As I’ve learned more about personal branding, I’ve utilized InstagramFacebookLinkedIn, and other social media tools a lot more. Personal Branding is incredibly important because it gives you higher credibility and a higher perceived value among many other things. Make a reminder for May 15th, 2019 at 5pm CT!

Project Three

I ended my spring break with a massive win. Some of you may be aware that I helped re-establish the Young Professionals program in Mount Pleasant, Iowa. On Friday, we had our second event. For this event, we went to a local sports bar to watch some of the NCAA Men’s Basketball Tournament. This event took a bit of prep. We had to have a board meeting to plan it (which I had to Facetime into because I go to school 2 hours away from Mount Pleasant), we had to contact the sports bar, and we had to advertise it. It all couldn’t have been done without the work of all the exceptional board members. Going into it, we didn’t really know what to expect. Our first event we had around 20 people show up. We got there and by the time 5pm hit, we already had new people there! By 5:20pm, we had our section packed and the event was running smoothly. Attendance was up and so was overall engagement! In my opinion, so events are nice, but it’s the educational events where people get the real value of MPYP. I can’t wait to see where this group goes!

Being Present

I’m always trying to become better at being present. I’m always looking at the future and running full speed ahead, but I’ve come to realize that not everything in my life will always be there. This really is one area I’ve struggled with. We can never make more time or get the opportunity to re-experience situations. I’m learning to be more grateful and valuing the time I spend with others. You can’t truly be present until you appreciate your surroundings.



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