The Next Play

Imagine you’re one of the top artists right now. Your latest album has been nominated for a Grammy. The night of the awards has come and you’re ecstatic! As the night progresses, your anxiety grows. The award you’ve been nominated for is coming up next. You’ve put in months of work on this single project and it all comes down to this very moment. The announcer goes up to the microphone and says, “This year’s winner for Album of the Year is…” You hear your name! This is your curtain call! All the work you’ve put in has paid off. You go up to the microphone, thank the announcers, the fans, your friends and family, and everyone else that helped you get to this moment. Lights are flashing and the crowd is going crazy! Now what’s next? Do you celebrate? What do you do?

The most successful people acknowledge and appreciate the wins, but they go right back to work. That accomplishment is just another plaque for the wall or a trophy for the case. The real achievement isn’t a physical object or distinction, it’s the experience! Be grateful, but never satisfied! What’s your next move? Those accomplishments should inspire you to go back to work. Most people get caught up in the feeling of success, but what many don’t understand is that success is a temporary state. If you don’t work to maintain it, it goes away. The game isn’t over once you “reach” success. It still takes a lot of work to maintain and continue to excel. You have to be present but think in the future at the same time. Finding the balance is up to you. Those who get caught up in the success, typically become unsuccessful. Those who consistently put in the work will become increasingly successful.

Jerry Rice is arguably the best NFL wide receiver of all time if not the best football player of all time. This is not because he was an absolute physical specimen, but because he learned how to mentally control the game. If he made a mistake, he’d learn from it. If he didn’t something amazing, great, on to the next play. That’s the success mentality. No matter the previous outcome, it’s on to the next play!



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