Self-Made Success Is A Lie

Self-Made is a term that has always bothered me. How can one-person coast through life and not be affected by a single individual? Did they change their own diaper when they were a baby? My point is that when going through life, it is impossible to not receive help from somebody at some point. Typically, when someone is referred to as “self-made” in business, they are a successful sole owner or founder. The fact of the matter is that building something of scale cannot be done alone. Businesses have employees, customers, clients, and supporters. Without them, businesses do not succeed. Saying someone or claiming to be “self-made” is selfish and disrespectful to all the people who got the individual to that point.

Those who freely allow other quality individuals to enter their life are typically better off for it. These people bring creativity, perspective, happiness, and many other invaluable things that you couldn’t receive if you were “self-made”. I’m consistently affecting and being affected by others on a daily basis. These interactions better us and push us to become the best version of ourselves. We are the sum of our experiences and interactions with others. Due to this, any successful individual is built on a solid foundation that is laid by many other individuals. There are over 7 billion people on Earth plus a plethora of other living creatures, the probability of never being affected by another living thing is zero.

The rags to riches story of self-made success is one that is simply impossible. Success is something that can’t be reached alone. Interactions and experiences with others are what really make someone successful. The more quality individuals you affect and let affect you, the more successful you’ll be. There is a direct correlation between helping others and success. “Give and you shall receive.” What you give to others they will return to you exponentially. Overall, self-made is a direct insult to the successful individual and all those who helped get them there.

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