Peak Performance

A few days ago, I was sitting in a Finance Club meeting. Every week they have pizza, soda, and sometimes other junk food. I always get asked if I want any, but I always politely decline. I don’t decline it because I’m afraid of eating in front of others or because I don’t like pizza. I decline it because I have goals to meet and places to be. In order to accomplish those goals, I need to be in peak performance in every aspect of my life. You can’t expect world class results if you do things the way everyone else does. If you have massive goals, you have to take massive action. That massive action includes dominating every single aspect of your life and truly operating in peak performance. I can’t reach my potential if I’m any version besides my best self. If you want to be great, you have to consistently put in the work to become it. You can’t expect six-pack abs if you go to the gym once and do 10 sit-ups. Excellence is no different. Excellence isn’t something that is achieved overnight. Overnight success is a total myth. Every success story is built on a foundation of hard work. This hard work consists of doing both the little and big things consistently right over a long period of time.

For me, peak performance is achieved by pushing myself to and past my limits every day. There is no margin for error here. If I want to be great, I have to act great and do things that will get me there. Peak performance allows the individual to operate with more efficiency and achieve greater results. Obviously, achieving peak performance is incredibly difficult, but having mental control over yourself helps a lot. When it comes to making decisions, I don’t negotiate with myself. These decisions always come down to whether or not it benefits me in the long-term. Making decisions simple and clean cut allows me to become consistently better and make the right choices. Our mind can be our biggest enemy and our greatest asset. If you control the voice in your head, you can be great. If you don’t control it, you’ll reach personal destruction. No matter if its craving junk food or a day off, you have to control your mind. If you consistently are in charge of your mind, you eventually begin to trust yourself and your ability to do so. That is called self-confidence. Overall, peak performance isn’t optional for me, it’s an absolute necessity.



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