My Current Struggles

Everyone has issues and experiences struggles. Consistency in my week and feeling understood by others are the current struggles that I’m experiencing.

We all crave being understood. The fact of the matter is that I feel that I’m neither misunderstood or understood. I feel like I’m un-understandable. Everyone is speaking one language I’m speaking another that nobody else speaks. I’m 19-year-old who is unlike any other person my age, and I have a hard time finding people I relate to. I can count the number of people I feel that truly understand me on one hand. I’ve always kept a tight circle, but as I get more focused, it only constricts further. I feel like I can only handle a set number of people in my life. As I add a higher quality individual into my life, I have to get rid of someone who doesn’t add as much value. I don’t intentionally do it, it just happens. There are some people in my life that it pains me to even talk to anymore because I can’t relate to them. I still talk to them every once in a while because I know that I provide them a great deal of value. My sacrifice worth a lot to them and knowing that I’m able to impact them is very fulfilling. It’s hard finding people that understand my lifestyle and why I do it. I want others to understand. I want people who support me and keep me accountable. I simply don’t have time for people who say, “Relax, you’re only 19.” How can I get others to see my point of view? The other struggle in my life is keeping a consistent week. Monday through Friday I have no issues what so ever with my schedule, but once I go home for the weekend, I feel like I backtrack. It’s harder to get up, it’s harder to eat right, exercise, and overall it’s harder to be me. These issues are giving me so much trouble because I don’t have a solution for them. Any help would be greatly appreciated!