Being Stuck…

Some days the content just doesn’t flow. We all have those days where your creative thinking just isn’t what it normally is. As someone who produces content daily, I run into this from time to time. It’s frustrating, but it’s part of the game. It almost feels painful to do anything. I’ve actually started to love the days where it’s difficult. We don’t grow unless we’re challenged. Those days push me harder and make me better overall. Somedays, I’ll actually just stare at a blank piece of content until I come up with an idea. You have to mentally push through on those days. I could easily give up, but I made a promise with myself and my audience that I would post every single weekday. If I broke this promise, I would be doing a disservice to everyone including myself. These days are more important than another. Will you rise to the occasion or will you falter under the pressure?

My strategy to get back on track is to simply do something. Objects in motion tend to stay in motion. Sometimes you just have to get started. This principle applies to goals as well. If you’re not making any progress, just do something. Any progress at all is better than doing nothing. If you’re waiting on the “perfect” moment to get started on something, let me tell you, that moment will never arrive. There will always be something in the way. Unless you want to get something done and actually start on it, it will never get done. If you just feel burnt out, just do something. Anything at all is better than nothing! At the moment, it may feel like nothing will produce results or traction. Days, where we are burnt out, are days that test us. They test our commitment and discipline. If you fail, then you don’t truly want. We all get tested every once in a while. It’s important that you’re prepared for these days with a plan of action on how you will succeed.



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