How Social Media Has Redefined Entrepreneurship

Throughout the early part of the 21st century, people were obsessed with being rappers. Now, people are obsessed with being entrepreneurs. They want the image and lifestyle but don’t want to put in the work. One thing that bothers me about social media is that people think followers and likes actually matter. Anybody with a credit card can buy them. Nothing is more disappointing to me then going to someone’s page, clicking on a post, and looking at the likes. You can also do this to their followers’ list and see that their followers are fake. The accounts that liked the post are all bot accounts meaning that they bought likes and followers. These individuals are lying to themselves and everybody else, all for the sake of an image. The fact of the matter is that you have to earn the likes and follows by putting in the work. These individuals are lazy and just want the image, but the image they have is fake. I’d rather follow someone with 500 real followers than someone with 50k fake followers. Buying likes and followers is a breach of morals. If they cheat in this aspect of life, it makes you think about the other aspects as well. By trying to take shortcuts, they only hurt themselves. Nobody wants to follow someone who buys likes and follows or someone who disingenuine and trying to portray a lifestyle they don’t actually live. You can’t just be an entrepreneur by going to your Instagram settings and saying you are. Unfortunately, there’s a bit more work required to claim that title.

“Instagram Entrepreneurs” only want the clout. They typically post pictures of themselves shirtless driving their Lamborghini (rented), while smoking a cigar. Their Instagram bio typically looks something like this.

Instagram Entrepreneur Checklist

  • Entrepreneur…Check
  • Fake Followers…Check
  • Obnoxious Bio…Check
  • Exotic Cars…Check
  • Designer Belt…Check

Yep! We got an Instagram Entrepreneur!

Another thing about social media that bothers me is the follow and unfollow people. These people follow random people for a short period of time and then unfollow them. They do this so other people see their account and potentially follow them back. These people are adding no value to social media. When I open my follower list, I want to scroll through real individuals. People who have lives and stories. These “entrepreneurs” have empty followers. They also have created a negative connotation to the word entrepreneur. Real entrepreneurs have to put in an incredible amount of work to succeed. By taking shortcuts, the word entrepreneur is being associated with fake and lazy. You can’t just fabricate a lifestyle and be successful.

Instead of focusing on likes, follows, and clout, focus on providing actual value to your audience. Social media is an incredible tool to reach a larger audience, but you have to use it right in order to be successful. As Spiderman’s uncle, Ben Parker, said, “With great power comes great responsibility.” Social media must be used to create real value and generate positivity. If you don’t do that, there is no room for you on social media.



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