By ourselves, we can’t see the entire picture. We need the perspective of others to show us what we’re missing. Outside viewpoints are invaluable because they show us the points that we overlooked or disregarded. I’ve learned that getting feedback from others is critical for maintaining and increasing success. The journey of success is one that isn’t traveled alone.

We receive direct and indirect feedback on a daily basis. However, you need to be selective with who’s feedback is actually valuable and which advice you take. I personally take feedback from everyone and I only take advice from my most trusted sources. From the feedback I receive, I try and filter it for importance. I’m always asking for advice from others. These sources are people I look up to and respect. They have more life experience than me as well. When I’m looking for advice, I typically seek out someone who is an expert in that area. This is similar to how doctors refer you to specialists because they are better suited to help you. When I seek advice, typically the solution is right under my nose. Without the help of others, I would have never found those answers. I also use these advising conversations to share my thoughts and to think out loud. No matter what you may think, your idea or plan is never perfect. Someone else can always see what you can’t. It’s important to have those people on our team so we can be more successful.

It’s a necessity to get help from others. If you’re not willing to give and receive help, then you’re not willing to succeed or see others succeed. There is a dichotomy with getting advice from others. You can rely on it too much or you may not use it enough. It’s up to you to decide the value of the words of others. You have to find the balance!

Here are some tips for receiving advice!

  1. Listen- Be present and hear out everything they have to say.
  2. Engage- Ask deep questions.
  3. Determine Value- How would the advice apply to your life?


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