How to Consume More Content and Learn Faster

Our learning is limited by the amount of content we can consume, how much we understand, and time. I combat this with a few methods so I can learn faster and consume a greater amount of content. By using these methods I’ve continually read a book every 1-2 weeks for the past year and listened to days worth of podcasts. The amount of learning I’ve done is astonishing! My self-education continually effects me on a daily basis. Imagine if you pull a single piece of information from each chapter you read or each podcast you listen to. The amount of knowledge you obtain is amazing! I view my learnings as tools and gadgets added to a utility belt. The more I learn, the better I get. Shortening your learning curve is what really matters as well as actually applying what you’ve learned. I consume most of my content in the morning. That gives me the rest of the day to apply what I’ve learned. A lesson unapplied will soon be a lesson unlearned.

Audios should be listened at 1.5x Speed

The human brain can listen and understand faster than it can talk. Due to this, all videos, podcasts, audiobooks, and other audio contents should be consumed at higher speed. I find that I’m more engaged at higher speeds as well. If you can listen at an even faster speed, go for it! I love podcasts more than any other vehicle of information. I love hearing others perspective and stories. I like how they are conversation based as well. Some of the best ones truly make you feel like your participating in the conversation as well.

Learn to Speed Read

Speed reading is something that I’ve struggled with. As someone who has continually read a book every 1-2 weeks, learning how to be a better reader is incredibly important. When reading, go at the fastest pace you can all while understanding and retaining all the information. Do this over time and you’ll pace will increase. Some of the greatest minds are the best readers. John F. Kennedy was said to read 7 complete newspapers of 1 cup of coffee every morning. Warren Buffett reads hundreds of pages every single day.

Dedicate Time to learning

If becoming a better individual is important to you then you must make time for it. I personally spend 3+ hours a day consuming and creating content that is pushing the limits of my knowledge. Schedule it in your day and hold yourself accountable. Put it in the calendar just like any other meeting. For reading, set a page goal. Every day you must read that amount of pages, no matter what.



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