You’re Probably Using LinkedIn Wrong…

LinkedIn is a tool that I believe every professional should have and use. If your profile is a digital resume then you’re using it wrong. It should be a complete representation of you! By seeing you, your pictures, posts, shares, and experience, I should be able to get a representation of who you are as a professional.


LinkedIn has one of the best job boards! Also, by being well connected, you’re in a better position for new opportunities shared through your network. These opportunities don’t just include jobs. There are groups, events, and other beneficial activities as well! I’ve personally received job and internship offers, group invites, and other opportunities simply because of my profile and how I interact with others on LinkedIn.

Expanded Network

LinkedIn has made it easier than ever to network! Networking on LinkedIn is simple and painless. LinkedIn is home to the largest group of professionals. Its time we utilize this resource! Introduce yourself to people, talk to them, grab coffee or lunch! You never know where a simple message or connection invite will lead!

Professional Image

I’m not just talking about your headshot! I’m talking about the image someone perceives by clicking on your profile. Like I said earlier, your LinkedIn profile should be a representation of who you are as a professional and individual. Images take work to maintain so you definitely need to keep an updated profile and active presence on LinkedIn. A good professional image gives you more credibility, an increased level of importance, and the ability to differentiate.

Important News and Articles

Engage with the content and give feedback through shares and comments. Post or share something every week and comment every day. When you get involved in the conversation, people take notice. Before long, people will be reaching out to you!

Let’s Connect!


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