Will College Become Obsolete?

I believe that the student loan debt is the next economic bubble to pop. US borrowers owe over $1.5 trillion! I think we’ll see a dramatic shift in our education system within the next 30 years. People are becoming more aware of the value (or lack of) of the college degree. To me, the value of a college degree is not obtained in the classroom. It’s the experiences, connections, and lessons you learn while you’re enrolled that make up the value. If you went to college to only go to classes and get a piece of paper then it most definitely wasn’t worth your time and money. College is time for growth and the majority of this growth occurs outside the classroom.

We need to be honest with ourselves. Not everyone needs to or should go to college. Just because it is currently the socially acceptable path after high school does not mean it is for everyone. Typically, following the masses is the wrong thing to do.

I love college and I’m getting a tremendous amount of value out of it, but it is most definitely not coming from the classroom. It comes from my outside activities. I’m personally active in 2 student organizations, a business fraternity, a young professionals group, a mastermind group, a Boy Scouts of America honor society, and I’m currently developing a personal brand and starting a business. Each one of those provides me with tons of experience. After that, I cap off my college experience with books, podcasts, and videos. Self-education is the best form of education. The lessons are more personal and applicable.

I don’t think college will become obsolete, but we’ll definitely see a shift in the things that are taught. I think the general education portion will be removed and the curriculum will be more focused on usable skills and knowledge. The format should go to more of a trade school format. Experience is the best teacher. Students need hands-on learning to actually learn lessons they’ll hold on to. Getting involved in job shadowing and internships is really the extent of getting workplace experience for typical students. Overall, our education system is due for a dramatic change.



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