Haters, Doubters, And The Like…

Being liked by everyone is an impossible task. So why do we try to please everyone? You’re better off being loved by 40% of people than trying to be liked by 100% of people. Those who try to be liked by everyone are loved by no one. No matter what you do, not everyone will like you. Focus on making your likers love you rather than making your haters like you. You can’t control their emotions and what they think. Only focus on the things you can control. The negative people will comment and share their opinions, but it’s really only because they want attention. The majority of the time, it’s not even worth the effort to respond to them.

Sometimes our critics have value. The may be giving legitimate feedback, but sometimes we are too egotistical to receive it. You have to be self-aware and understand that maybe they just want to give advice. Sometimes our biggest supporters can be disguised as our biggest haters.

Hate is a product of jealousy. The people who hate you the most want to be you the most. Hating and doubting on others is a way mediocre people make themselves feel better about themselves. They try to bring others down to their level to make their incompetence more acceptable. Have you ever noticed that hate only comes from people less successful than yourself? Successful individuals have better things to do than hate on others. Having haters and doubters means your doing something right. They want you to feel like you’re the one in the wrong, but just know that it is them who is wrong.

As I said earlier, it’s typically best to not respond to haters and doubters. Doing so only adds fuel to the fire. If you must prove something to them, do it through your success. Be so successful, that you don’t have to say a thing! In all honesty, why do feel we have something to prove to those below us. If they hate or doubt you, they are already below you. I can’t wait for the day I find my haters and doubters because that will mean I’ve become a success!



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