Why I Will Never Be Rich…

When you think of the word rich, what do you think? Is it money, exotic cars, private jets, and multimillion-dollar mansions? The word rich has a very negative connotation. It’s very connected with the word excess. Being rich is being defined by money. It becomes who you are. The word wealthy has a very positive connotation, It is very connected with the word abundance. When I think of wealthy, I think of having enough for myself and more than enough to share and provide for others. Anybody can be rich by acquiring a large sum of money. However, having money doesn’t mean you’re wealthy. Wealth is long term while being rich may be just for the moment. Being rich is measured in material assets while being wealthy is measured in invested assets. Wealth is also a mindset. It’s the abundance mindset. Things are so abundant that you can share. Rich is having excess. Therefore, if you were rich, it’s not about sharing, it’s about accumulating and spending. What the use of being financially successful if you can’t share it? For the rich, money is a yardstick. For the wealthy, money is a tool or resource. The rich are obsessed with the material, while the wealthy are focused on helping others. The rich are focused on money because it won’t always be there. The wealthy aren’t focused on money because it will always be there. It becomes less of a driving factor. Most professional athletes are rich but, someone like Bill Gates is wealthy. It’s not based on the amount of money, it’s based on the utilization of it. The wealthy aren’t defined by money. It’s not even a real factor to them.

I will never be rich. I will be wealthy. I want to make a difference in other’s lives. At that point in my life, being called rich would be an insult. The topic of rich versus wealthy is one that people need to understand. Most people don’t understand it. This is the principle that they were trying to portray in the bible. This is why I believe money has such a bad connotation and why people are afraid of having it. When acquiring money, you don’t have to trade in a piece of your soul. You’re not instantly less of a human being because you’ve acquired wealth. I think those who are wealthy are even better servants to others because they have a larger scale of impact and can make a greater difference. I know I will be wealthy. I may not have acquired the money yet, but my mindset is one of a wealthy individual. I can’t wait to help more people has my circle of influence grows and my impact expands!



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