Cole, Robert, and Allen Edmonds

This past weekend, I was gifted with my very first pair of Allen Edmonds. A pair of their shoes are special in themselves, but the pair I received is so much more than just a quality pair of wingtips. My Grandpa McMillan gifted me with his pair of Allen Edmonds MacNeil Wingtips that he bought and wore when he was younger. They’re something I’ll cherish and use forever. They already have a story and I can’t wait to add the next chapter!

Since 1922, Allen Edmonds has never sacrificed quality or design. They focus on being timeless and classic. Their materials are the best and their designs will never go out of fashion. The pair my grandpa gave me is still in production and will still be in production when I pass them down. Allen Edmonds is different in the fact that they don’t change with the times and what is hot in fashion. The produce quality and timeless pieces. Fad marketing is all the rage nowadays, but that business model isn’t sustainable. Providing quality and timeless business never goes out of style. When you buy a pair of Allen Edmonds, they’ll refinish and resole them forever. A pair of their shoes typically cost north of $300, but this is an investment. My grandpa got use out of them, I’ll get use out of them, and I’ll pass them down. Although they are a premium and expensive shoe, the story they carry is more valuable than the leather or materials they are constructed with. Allen Edmonds are very different than our current society because almost everything we buy is designed to be consumed, thrown away, and repurchased. We even treat other people like that. Similar to a pair of Allen Edmonds, our relationships with other people should be worked on and cherished instead of thrown away. Other people are not replaceable. When the relationship gets thin like the sole of a well-worn pair of oxfords, it’s time to mend and refinish it. Just like the shoe, that relationship has much more life left and a long story yet to be told.

I can’t wait to wear them, tell and write even more of their story. To be completely honest, I’m most excited to pass them on. I want to see the face and emotions of whoever I give them to. I can’t imagine what my grandpa saw in me when I first held them. Every time I hold them, there is a spark. Tons of memories of my grandpa and I fill my thoughts every time I hold them. I look forward to the day where I can provide that for someone else. My Grandpa Bob has taught me so much and if I’m half the man he is someday, I’ll be one successful individual. My grandpa is admired by so many people. Every time I go with him somewhere, people always look at him with eyes of admiration. He’s funny and kind. His stories are hilarious and typically mildly inappropriate! Even though he was born in 1933, he still relates to me. Talking to him feels more like talking to a friend than it does talking to a grandparent. I grew up 2 hours south of my McMillan grandparents, so we only got them a few times a year. Now that I’m in Cedar Falls, I’m only a short hour-long drive away. Visiting them this past weekend was incredibly fulfilling and I’ll definitely be going again soon!



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