What Is The American Dream?

The suburbs, 3 kids, a nice house, backyard, multiple vehicles, secure jobs, summer vacations, and a white picket fence. That pretty much sums up society’s version of the American Dream. The American Dream hasn’t disappeared, it has shifted. Most Americans don’t want that anymore. That lifestyle only leads to a mountain of debt and a lifetime of unhappiness. Humans are unique and don’t fit into a cookie cutter lifestyle. To me, the American Dream is making the most out of what you have and chasing a better life. It’s not what you have, it’s what you do with what you have.

My favorite ESPN personality, Stephen A. Smith said, “Hard work and realness truly does pay off. Being real and true to yourself while busting your butt, it really can pay. For the JAY-Zs, LeBrons, Shaqs, and others I don’t consider them the American Dream. I consider me the American Dream. They’re the American fantasy, you got a one in a billion shot if not more to be them, but you can be me. You can go to school, you can work hard, you can make it and be me. You can pull it off. You can stay on knees for 22 hours and pray, chances are you’ll never be them, but you can be Stephen A.”

Stephen A. always keeps it real. Success isn’t measured in dollars and followers. Although Stephan A. has a lot of both, he doesn’t have as many as JAY-Z, LeBron, or Shaq. Stephen A. isn’t musically or athletically talented like those guys. Growing up, the only visible routes to success seem to be in sports and entertainment, this is especially present in the minority community. Stephan A. shows that success in other areas is possible too. Your dreams of success shouldn’t die if you don’t make it in sports or music! There is so much out there to be great at. You just have to have an open mind, a willingness to fail, a drive to succeed! Everyone has dreams of success, it’s just how they get there that is unique.


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