All In…

I need to recommit. Lately, I’ve been lacking consistency. I’ve slept in a few days, I’ve missed a few workouts, and my drive is not where it should be. I’m not the absolute weapon of success that I swore to be. I’m weak and I lack consistency. I have to earn my success and right now I am not worthy. As of now, I am re-committed to reaching the absolute pinnacle of success. To achieve this, I will be doubling down on everything that is making me increasingly successful. I need to focus on consistency. If this were a game of poker, I’d be pushing my chips all in with a Royal Flush. I have all the tools I need, it’s just time to commit to a higher level of success and excellence! I know I’m not operating at 100%. I can trick everybody into thinking I am, but at the end of the day, you can’t lie to the person staring back at you in the mirror. I’m leaving things on the table and it’s driving me crazy. I can do so much better! I’m wasting my potential, by doing anything other than the absolute best I can. I’ve always been hard on myself and I hold myself to an extreme standard, but I know I can do better and operate at a higher level! I know I’m a human and I try to hold myself to the standard of a robot. I always expect perfection and I won’t settle for anything less than that. There is no reason why I can’t do better. I owe it to myself and everyone else. The world is dependant on my success! If I’m not at my absolute best, I’m doing a disservice to everyone! It may seem like a huge burden for me to bare, but it’s the pressure I need to reach peak performance. Your purpose has to bigger than yourself for you to reach real success. In my case, my success is not just for me, it’s a success shared by everyone.

I’m setting myself up for the biggest comeback of my life. This is going to be a trampoline in my life! When I first started my journey of success, I really operated in silence. Nobody knew my next move, but I always knew the cards I had. I was just waiting for my opportunity. Now, I will come back bigger and better than ever before! This is where I become the massive success I know I will be!

Challenge – Reevaluate yourself. What are your struggles? Where do you lack? How will you become better?



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