The Importance of Organization

Over the past few years, I’ve developed OCD or it’s become more prominent in my life. This actually a good thing! I used to be so unorganized. My bedroom was an absolute nightmare! My closet was full of laundry baskets and unfolded clothes. My bed was never made and it was an overall disaster. Now, my lifestyle demands and requires order. My clothes are in order(organized by garment type and color). Everything I have own has a specific location to where it belongs. By doing this, I remove clutter from life which is a distraction from my productivity. I don’t have to think where things are. I just instinctually know where everything is. I try and remove all the factors that could have a negative impact on my success. Having a living space be in disarray is something that could definitely detract from success.

I don’t know if I developed OCD because of my lifestyle, or I developed my lifestyle because of my OCD. My OCD serves me because I make it an advantage to live a more organized lifestyle. Most people with OCD let it control them. I’m in control of it. I have this voice in my head that demands perfection. An unorganized lifestyle is far from perfection! I live with a roommate in a dorm. I love my roommate, but he’s not as organized and tidy as I am(which is admittedly difficult). This sometimes drives me up the wall! Living with him has definitely been a positive experience and has pushed me outside my comfort zone. He stays up late playing video games and I wake up early planning my next move for success. He’s an art student and I’m a business student. We’re different in many ways, but we’re alike in a lot more.

My lifestyle is all about organization and routine. My routines and habits make me who I am. They are the core of my success! Without them, I’m definitely not where I am and will not be where I’m going. By having order in my life, it frees up my focus and mental capacity. There is less to distract me and this allows me to be more productive. This extra productivity is essential to my success.



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