Quality or quantity? To me, this is a very simple debate. Quality is always more important to me. Whether I’m picking friends, suits, pens, shoes, or shampoo, I want the best for my purpose. I don’t need a bunch of fluff in my life. I want substance! I focus on value add. When I’m making any decision, it usually comes down to what provides the most value for me and my purpose. I expect the highest of quality out of everything. Less is usually more. When I buy things, I treat them as an investment. I pay for quality, the value, and use I will get out them.

As I’ve gotten older, I’ve become more of an essentialist and minimalist. I get way more enjoyment and use out of something quality than I do a bunch of things that are essentially meaningless. I’d rather have one watch that I absolutely love than 10 that I kind of like. If I don’t value something, it can’t possibly provide value to me. When buying things, if I don’t love it, I don’t buy it. This has helped me avoid unnecessary purchases and allowed my appreciation for what I do have to increase tremendously. I have a few things I get a lot of use out of. As a society, we’re consumption based. Typically, we get little use out of a lot of things. I’m very much a no BS kind of person and my personal things reflect that same attitude. I use the 80/20 Rule a lot in my life. In this case, what are the 20% of things that make up 80% of your usage? Who are the 20% of people you get 80% of your value from? The 80/20 Rule applies almost everywhere in life! Understanding this concept really opens the door for happiness and success.

Challenge: Incorporate the 80/20 Rule into your life. What is essential in your life? What do you get the most value from?

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