Motivation is Cheap…

You can get motivated by almost anything. Inspiration is rare. Inspiration is real impact. Motivation may only last a few seconds, but inspiration may last a lifetime. Anybody can motivate, but not everyone can inspire! I may say some motivational things, but my real goal is to inspire others. I can get all the motivation I need from myself, but I can’t inspire myself. Inspiration is more valuable because it is longterm and it must come from an outside source. Motivation comes and goes, but inspiration is unwavering. Motivation comes from words, but inspiration comes from actions! We all know, “actions speak louder than words!” Motivators only tell you what you already know, those who are inspirational can open up whole new doors for you! The most successful speakers say motivational things, but they also do inspirational things. Inspiration is the source of all change!

Martin Luther King Jr. motivated people, but he also inspired them to make a change. His words were powerful, but it was his actions that really created change. That is true impact. He preached his mission, but he also lived his mission. He took actions that inspired others to take actions. Those actions inspired more actions. Be the source of a movement! Don’t focus on motivation, focus on inspiration! Nothing meaningful is built on a foundation of motivation. Inspiration is the strongest of all foundations.

We get so caught up in consuming motivational content, that we forget we need to be inspired. No quote, Instagram caption, or picture is going to push you to success. Seek out the people who will make a real difference in your life. Inspiration is sustainable! If you have inspiration, your success will also be sustainable! I want to be surrounded by the Martin Luther King Jr’s, the Malala’s, the Gandhi’s, the Mother Teresa’s, the Tony Robbin’s, and the Ed Mylett’s! Those are people who have made or are making a difference!

Challenge: Seek to be a source of inspiration. What actions will you take to inspire others?



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