Hustle Culture

Do you work 16+ hour days? Do you wake up early and go to bed late? Have your relationships taken a toll because of your work? Do you feel happy? Do you get enjoyment or fulfillment out of your work?

Stop hustling! Instead, be consistent! Short bursts of effectiveness followed by long periods of busy work is not effective nor is it conducive to success. Entrepreneurs like to make anything a competition. They ask, “How much sleep did you get last night?” One will say 6 hours and the other will say 5 hours. Sleep deprivation and being miserable is worn like a badge of honor! Be the tortoise and not the hare!

I’ve struggled with hustling for a while now. My lifestyle isn’t always enjoyable, but I found myself doing things and not doing things for the sake of working. I wasn’t as productive as I could have been. I’ve missed out on experiences as well. From now on, I want to be focused on effectiveness and productivity. I don’t want to work my life away. I want my relationships to be better! I want to focus on the things that are making me successful, rather than working to stay busy. I used to feel like I was obligated to work and stay busy because I thought it was helping me. It was actually doing the opposite.

I’m going to focus on consistency and balance! I’m going to create more experiences, have more fun, be more productive, work less, and accomplish more! I want to live life to fullest and not be a slave to staying busy.



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