Books To Impact Your Success

Informal education is where real learning takes place. I’ve learned the most in my life outside the classroom. Books, podcasts, other media, and experience truly are the best teachers. If you’re not in the habit of reading, you should definitely start! Even if you only read 10 pages or 10 minutes a day! As you read more, you get faster, you comprehend better, and you retain more. Reading is a skill and it most definitely takes consistent practice. Warren Buffett and Charlie Munger both read over 800 pages a day! John F. Kennedy was said to be able to read 8 newspapers over 1 cup of coffee! Bill Gates likes to sit down and read multiple books over the same topic so the ideas will “cross-pollinate”. The most successful people are typically the ones who’ve absorbed the most information.

Visit my Books page to see my favorite books! There, you can find out more about them and purchase them on Amazon! I’m also alway looking for new books to read! If you have any great recommendations, send them my way!

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