Lately, entrepreneurship has gotten a bad wrap. It’s become a buzzword. In recent years, the title entrepreneur has been a fancy term for unemployed or a member of an MLM. To me, entrepreneurship is starting something from the ground up. It’s taking a failing business and making it a success by ascending through the rubble of failure. It’s taking on more risk than normal. It’s getting more return than normal. It’s having faith. It’s building something from nothing.

I have entrepreneurial tendencies and desires, but I’m not an entrepreneur. I still classify myself as wantrepreneur. I refuse to call myself an entrepreneur until my ventures provide a return that is large enough to support my lifestyle. I know many successful entrepreneurs, many who do 7+ figures a year. I strive to be on their level, but I know it takes time and consistent effort. The title of entrepreneur is one that should be worn with a sense of honor. It’s something that is earned, not taken or given. I’m am not yet worthy to bear the title of an entrepreneur.

So how is the title of entrepreneur earned? It’s actually quite simple. It’s earned by doing. It’s not that I haven’t put in time or effort into entrepreneurship, it’s just that my ventures haven’t paid off YET. I’m putting in the work now so my lifestyle can be supported down the road. Right now, my back is against the wall and I’m on the verge of something BIG. I don’t always know what it is, but I have faith. I don’t know the specifics of my success, but I have FAITH that it will manifest.



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