Mastermind Groups

Imagine having a group of extremely high achieving friends who are committed to excellence. That’s essentially a mastermind group! We all know the saying, “You’re the sum of the five people you spend the most time with. This is so true! It’s really cliche to talk about this, but this is so valuable! I wish I could spend at least an hour a day with my mastermind, but we each live entirely different lives. My Grandpa Bob has always said, “If you hang with the rats, you’ll smell like them.” This directly applies here. Whoever you’re around will rub off on you.

JD Klopfenstein, Chance Smith, and I sat down one Saturday and committed to greatness. We decided that we were going to start a mastermind group that was committed to each member’s success. Since then, we’ve added 2 more members, Austin McCulloh and Branden Brent. These guys have become my brothers! They’ve committed to becoming better individuals and achieving the most possible. Sometimes, I think they believe in me more than I believe in myself! They keep me accountable. They keep me inspired! With a group that is committed to success, excellence is inevitable!

If you’re not in a mastermind group, join one! If you can’t find one, make one! We talk about anything and everything success! We recommend books and podcasts with each other. We attend events together. Whenever we meet, it a huge collision of energy! We’re constantly texting each other in our group chat. When we meet in public, people notice our energy. During our meetings, we talk about what we’re grateful for, what we’ve been struggling with, our goals, what we’ve been doing, books, podcasts, and so much other stuff. We typically meet at least once a month. When we established this group, we decided that any new member would have to be unanimously voted in and any existing member could be kicked out for various reasons. Our group is exclusive because we don’t have any room for error when it comes to our success. I only want to be surrounded by the best and my mastermind group ensures that. It is incredibly difficult to find people who meet the standard it takes to be even considered for the group. I can tell you, that I will be a part of a mastermind group for the rest of my life. They are invaluable!

Some masterminds charge hundreds of thousands of dollars and even millions to join. That’s because they provide so much value! You may be thinking, “You’re just paying for friends.” That’s true, but these people are so much more than just friends, A mastermind group isn’t a book club and it’s certainly not just a group of friends. It’s a source of motivation and inspiration, it’s a place to share your ideas and struggles, it’s an opportunity to become apart of something bigger than the group itself. Mastermind groups help to multiply your success. I don’t know how I’ve gone all my life without this group! I’ve formed friendships for life and have learned lessons that I will carry with me forever!



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