10X Growth Con 2020

I’ve decided that in February of 2020, I’ll be heading to Las Vegas to attend Grant Cardone’s 10X Growth Conference on the Diamond Seating Level. How am I going to finance this trip? I have no idea! This kind of scares me, but it puts the pressure on me that I need to succeed and make this happen. I’ll need a little over $15,000 to go. Right now, that number is certainly daunting, but I know I’m capable of creating the cash flow necessary to make this happen. In order to go, I’ll have to start some kind of business. I won’t allow myself to use any of my current savings or any money from my current income sources. This will most definitely be a challenge, but I’m more than capable of doing this. This trip will be a reward for all the hard work I’ll be putting in the next few months! The order of importance for expenses for me is the first is tuition, second is a new vehicle, the third is 10X, and the remainder will go to additional investments. Right now, all my money goes to personal expenses, tuition, and investments. Now, when I add new streams of income, the money will flow from a vehicle, to 10X, to more investments. This year will be a year of 10X Growth!

Included in the 10X Diamond Package is priority entrance and access, front row seating, a VIP networking party, a top-secret off-site party, an exclusive speaker meet and great, access to the Exclusive Diamond Club, access to a networking lunch, and a 3 day stay in a hotel. There will be dozens of great speakers, thousands of great connections and tons of memories and experiences to take away. This is something I’m extremely excited for!

To learn more about the principles of 10X, read this book! This is one of my favorite books which is written by Grant Cardone, the founder of 10X and Cardone Capital. In the meantime, make sure you read the book and if you have any opportunities that I could be of service with, email me at smith.j.cole1999@gmail.com.

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