Why I Don’t Pay Attention to the News

Millions of people around the world wake up and watch the news with their morning cup of coffee. I try and limit my exposure to news media for a variety of reasons. I simply don’t understand why anyone would wake up and turn on the news only to have their morning ruined by the reality of the world. Most news outlets only focus on the negativity in the world. I don’t think the world is really any worse off than it has ever been. They focus on the negative because that’s what gets views. I’m not saying turn a blind eye on global events and news, but when was the last time you actually did something about news you have consumed? You probably can’t remember! The reason why you never do anything about it is that it doesn’t directly affect you! Until something affects you, you’ll never do anything about the news you hear.

Another reason why I don’t consume any news is that I can’t change what happens. I try to not give any energy to anything I can’t control. Why worry about something you can’t control? I have to worry about my life before I can help others. I can’t control what happens in Indonesia, so why should I waste my time hearing about it? When was the last time a piece of news actually changed your life? Regardless of what they report, life will go on. News can also be biased. What news outlets report is typically only part of the story. This is nothing new and we all know it. With our phones, news is easier than ever to consume. I get most of my news from conversations with others. Enough people consume news that I don’t have to. If the news is big enough, it will get to me. Instead of filling your day with negativity, read a book or have a conversation! There is so much good in the world, but we only focus on the bad.



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