I Quit…

I’ve come to realize that I’m trying to do too much. You will no longer be seeing blog posts every day and podcasts every week. From now on, I will be posting when I have something important, original, and impactful to say. I won’t be posting because of a calendar. After reading Seth Godin’s “The Dip”, I realized I need to focus on quality not quantity and go back to the basics. I’m not providing the content that I want and that promised. I can ensure you that the content will keep coming, but it will be more sporadic in posting times and of higher quality and usefulness. I hate feeling like I’m just spewing someone else’s message and content. I love Ed Mylett, Andy Frisella, Grant Cardone, and Gary Vaynerchuk, but I’m not them. I need to be me and give the content that truly comes from me and what I’m experiencing. I’m going to focus on doing things to the absolute best of my abilities rather than just doing a bunch of things. Sometimes we can do more by doing less. I will no longer be doing work just for the sake of working. Growing up, busy work was always the worst to get in school. Why? Because it is pointless and has no real value. So why am I giving myself busy work? I’m not quitting per se, but I’m taking a step back. In the 6 months since the inception of this, I’ve learned and experienced a lot. Right now, I’ll be heading in a new direction. I know that this is the right move for me at this time.

In the future, my posts will have more length, depth, and originality. They’ll be me. Not someone else’s idea’s or content. I’m struggling to find my own voice, in order to find it, I need to be me. I need to seek experiences and enjoy life. What I’m saying is that I want to be happy, create experiences, and be productive. As Ed Mylett would say, I want to Max Out my life. I’m cutting the crap and bringing out the real me. I’m not a success. I’m a 19-year-old college student who is writing this from my room in my parent’s basement. One day I will be a success, but to get to there I need to put in a lot of consistent work. Going forward, I will be focusing on quality in my life. I want everything to be the very best. I’ve always been one who picks quality over quantity. So why am I not doing this with my personal brand? I’m tired of following someone else’s recipe for success. I want to be me and do the things that make me who I am!


2 thoughts on “I Quit…

  1. James L says:

    It’s definitely a wise decision to make and moving from feeling the move to meet a schedule 3+ times a week is quite liberating, not having to produce blurbs for the sake of numbers.

    The drive to produce quality and add value is the way to go, which not many people are wise to yet.

    It’s certainly rewarding writing a blog, a record of your journey documented your progression.

    Good luck man.


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