How To Create Habits That Stick

Research shows that a habit, on average, takes 66 days to form. That number can seem pretty daunting, especially for habits like cold showers, exercising, and dieting. I have a few methods that I’ve used to craft habits that stick. Building good habits is a lifestyle change and no change comes easy. 

“We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act, but a habit.”

Will Durant

Matt D’Avella has a method called The Two Day Rule. This rule states that when building new habits, you should never take two days off in a row. This method allows for rest and flexibility in your schedule without comprising the potential for building new habits. I find this method extremely effective because it eliminates the possibility of momentum loss, while still allowing flexibility and rest. Habits like working out and eating better especially benefit from The Two Day Rule.

Habits often come easier when you work on them in a group. I frequently use accountability partners because doing something with others is always easier and more enjoyable. The thought of disappointing someone else is a big enough motivator for me to keep going. I’ve used accountability partners for waking up early, working out, and reading more frequently. Once you create a team of accountability partners, taking on new habits is much more manageable.

Another method is starting small. Sometimes, there is no need to make a dramatic lifestyle change. Honestly, sometimes it is best to ease into things. When people go from one extreme to another, that transition can be tough. For example, going from never working out to working out intensely every day is not a transition that most people can handle. Start small and simple. Remember, you must walk before you can run.

With these methods, you should be ready to implement any habit or change into your lifestyle with less chance of failure. Below are two phenomenal books regarding habits and how they’re made! I highly recommend checking them out!

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2 thoughts on “How To Create Habits That Stick

    1. Cole Smith says:

      That’s a great question, Larry! I believe bad habits are easier to form because they don’t require intention. Bad habits often form without us even thinking about them. I would say that most people don’t consciously set out to create bad habits. With this in mind, bad habits can seemingly create themselves. Why do you think bad habits are so easy to make?


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