About Me

Impact. Whether I’m talking to a friend or a complete stranger, I want to positively impact them.
I want to make a difference.
I’m going to be successful and more importantly, I’m going to make others successful.
The amount of direct impact I will have will be huge.
The amount of indirect impact I will have will be unfathomable.

My name is Cole Smith.
My name couldn’t get much more average.
But it’s not the name that defines the individual.
I’m an average guy who doesn’t settle for average things.
I’m committed to excellence. I’m ambitious, passionate, and focused.
For me, life is a relentless pursuit.
No matter what I do, I give it my all.
I leave nothing on the table.

I share my experiences and thoughts so that YOU can be a better individual. Together, we can both make a difference and change the world.