Lately, entrepreneurship has gotten a bad wrap. It's become a buzzword. In recent years, the title entrepreneur has been a fancy term for unemployed or a member of an MLM. To me, entrepreneurship is starting something from the ground up. It's taking a failing business and making it a success by ascending through the rubble … Continue reading Wantrepreneurship

Small Talk

I've come to realize that I'm not as much of an introvert as I thought. After a deep conversation with my mastermind group, my friend Austin McCulloh suggested something that made a lot of sense to me. He suggested that I don't like small talk. When he said that, it explained so much for me! … Continue reading Small Talk

How to Rest Better and Fall Asleep Faster

Over the past 2 years, I've learned how to fall asleep faster and rest better. I used to suffer from insomnia. I would toss and turn all night and be exhausted all the next day. Now, if I allow myself, I can fall asleep within 3 minutes. Stick To A Sleep Schedule Try to wake … Continue reading How to Rest Better and Fall Asleep Faster

How I Got an Internship for My First Summer of College

Internships can provide valuable insight into what you do and don't want to do after you graduate. Most college students don't get an internship until at least the summer after their sophomore year. I managed to get one after my first year of college. I'll be honest with you, it takes a lot of preparation. … Continue reading How I Got an Internship for My First Summer of College

My Mom Was Right…

My mother wrote this on April 20th, 2015. My first two children were relatively “easy” babies. Then I gave birth to my third child and I immediately, knew something was different. He was intense and persistent…right from birth. He required less sleep. He demanded more and most of the time he got more or at least he put up a … Continue reading My Mom Was Right…

My Summer Contract

This summer is going to be bigger than ever before for me! This post is my promise to everyone of what I WILL accomplish! Weigh 160 lbs (Add 10 lbs of Muscle)Be Ready to Run a Half-MarathonGo On Atleast 3 Weekend TripsGrow My Blog to 250 Daily ReadersHave 10 Quality Podcast GuestsOrganically Grow My Instagram … Continue reading My Summer Contract

My Opinions On Multi-Level Marketing, Network Marketing, Referral Marketing, and Direct Sales

We all know someone who has "started their own business" and posts about it 10 times per day on Facebook. That post is always filled with a minimum of 15 emojis! Here's my advice, stop it. Put your energy towards developing something sustainable. I'm not here to crush your dreams, but most MLM's are predatory … Continue reading My Opinions On Multi-Level Marketing, Network Marketing, Referral Marketing, and Direct Sales

Books To Impact Your Success

Informal education is where real learning takes place. I've learned the most in my life outside the classroom. Books, podcasts, other media, and experience truly are the best teachers. If you're not in the habit of reading, you should definitely start! Even if you only read 10 pages or 10 minutes a day! As you … Continue reading Books To Impact Your Success

How to Increase the Size and Quality of Your Network

"It's not what you know, it's who you know." Sometimes this saying is actually true. Having an expansive network of quality individuals is incredibly important to success! Get Active in Your Community Our communities have so much to offer! You'd be surprised of all the things you can learn from people you already "know". There … Continue reading How to Increase the Size and Quality of Your Network

Hustle Culture

Do you work 16+ hour days? Do you wake up early and go to bed late? Have your relationships taken a toll because of your work? Do you feel happy? Do you get enjoyment or fulfillment out of your work? Stop hustling! Instead, be consistent! Short bursts of effectiveness followed by long periods of busy … Continue reading Hustle Culture