How I Redirected The Path Of My Life In 2 Years

If you were to ask me 2 years ago if I would be hanging out with multi-millionaires, I probably would have laughed in your face. I've always known I was destined for greatness, but I didn't realize that I could see results from my work so quickly. I've met some extremely high-quality people. All of … Continue reading How I Redirected The Path Of My Life In 2 Years

10X Growth Con 2020

I've decided that in February of 2020, I'll be heading to Las Vegas to attend Grant Cardone's 10X Growth Conference on the Diamond Seating Level. How am I going to finance this trip? I have no idea! This kind of scares me, but it puts the pressure on me that I need to succeed and … Continue reading 10X Growth Con 2020

You Can Do Anything!

Those who do will succeed. Seth Godin said, “The cost of being wrong is less than the cost of doing nothing.” The perfect time to get started is now! I've always had the mentality that I can do anything. At some point in our lives, learning to ride a bike was the hardest thing we've … Continue reading You Can Do Anything!